Urban Tree Tec develops and distributes innovative gardening tools for urban areas.

Urban Tree Tec develops and distributes innovative gardening tools for urban areas.

With 10 years of practical experience as gardeners and arborists, we are experts in the industry and the challenges of daily work. Our equipment is developed directly in the field and meets exactly the requirements that arise from working in urban areas or other confined conditions.

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We would be pleased to present our products directly at your site. If at least one person per 100km travel distance from Cologne Weiden attends the presentation, the presentation is free of charge. Feel free to contact us for more information.





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About Urban Tree Tec

In tree care, there are increasing challenges that the equipment available on the market can hardly cope with.

On the one hand, increased environmental awareness and the challenges of climate change put the importance of trees for the urban ecosystem in the spotlight – on the other hand, demands for safety living comfort and design in gardens are increasing. Also, trees damaged by climatic influences and new pest species have to be removed more and more often.

Urban Tree Tec has set itself the task of making the work of the arborist easier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more profitable with innovative tools and equipment.
Our equipment not only meets high technical standards, but has been designed with an eye to environmental and landscape protection.

Our products operate with low emissions and low invasiveness. This makes them suitable not only for use in urban areas, but also wherever efficient landscape maintenance is to be combined with nature conservation and little intervention.

Our products are developed, manufactured and tested in Germany.

We combine precise analyses with engineering performance and application experience. The result is high-quality products that have already proven themselves.

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