Marcel Müller

Shortly after graduating with an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Cologne, Marcel Müller started his own small horticultural and tree care business. Through a combination of interest in scientific-technical contexts and a lot of handicraft experience from the private sector and he could always see opportunities for improvement in his tools, equipment and working techniques.

The proverbial “bone of contention” that led to the development of the Hydraulic Beaver was one that was carried into a customer’s window by a rented root cutter, while a herniated disc that took several weeks to heal led to the development of the MultiEsel.


Martin Schmidt

After completing his MBA at the Open University in Milton Keynes and passing Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst program, Martin Schmidt worked as an independent marketing consultant for over five years. He has a degree in dialog marketing with a specialization in marketing for start-up companies and is available to us as a specialist for digital media and infrastructure, as well as for business management and accounting tasks.